Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bored to Death

A few things (and none of them Halloween related)

First off: Bored To Death, author Jonathan Ames's (far left) HBO baby (left) is in the middle of its second season now and as hilariously cute as ever. Be sure to check out the corresponding book, or a clip from the show. (A must if you like pot jokes, awkwardness, waywardness, Ted Danson acting like Cheech Marin, super heroes with phallic powers, or anything that reminds you of a cartoon version of somebody who reads too much Vanity Fair.) And by the way, a movie version of The Extra Man, Ames's transsexualized Fitzgerald novel, was released just last week! And it features Kevin Kline, Katie Holmes, and John C. Reilly!

Secondly: Pioneering author of the "techno-geek-rebellion" novels (like his recent, and excellent, Little Brother), Cory Doctorow has been up to some cool stuff lately. Talking with NPR today about self-publishing and, more likely than not, the "Future of The Novel," Doctorow clarified a lot about how books will work in the future. Learn about his new project, an 'experimentally' published 'DIY story collection' here.

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