Thursday, April 22, 2010

April is Poetry Month!

April truly is the cruelest poetry month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land, mixing memory and desire, stirring dull roots with spring rain...blah [english accent] blah... (keeping you from writing blogs) blah...blah

No. Seriously. It really is NATIONAL POETRY MONTH! cruel, startlingly rainy, lyrical, wonderful, and, we think, A TIME FOR SHARING! So yes, please! Send us your poems! Post your own works, your favorite works, your friends' works, your whatevers!

Here's Our Start:

On a bus, you look and see
all the men around you.
Why do they hang
like so? you wonder.
They are meat on hooks from a dirty ceiling.
Sometimes you must smile on their faces
knowing that if you do not
you are a lone party
in dealing with that fate
which wheels into the strange triggers of the world.
There is something left undone, you feel,
something undone.
A hand drops (as steak to a grill).
And is it so good? you wonder.
Meat huddles newly.
Newly. Huh.

There are temples in Africa much older than global warming,
a symbol for peace more ancient than the languages of the Middle East,
and the corpses of
murdered neanderthaloids beneath your skyscrapers.
But tell me, why do you think of this now?
No, tell me, do you find it possible that you could have been made elsewhere?
No, really, let me know what you think: is it slapstick that binds us to our destined ends?
Are we laughing today?