Friday, June 23, 2017

I read in the Summer, Do You?

I of course read all the time, but do you find yourself reading more or less during the Summer? I usually come home from work and sit out on my deck and read in the afternoon, plus I ALWAYS read before I go to sleep, no matter what time I come home. So here are a few of my favorite reads so far this year.  A few, I have listened  to thru  Sign up with us !

Celine by Peter Heller. I want to meet Celine! A wonderful story.  Both Madison and I  LOVED this book! The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Reid Jenkins. We were lucky enough to meet Taylor at a dinner here in Seattle. After chatting with her, we loved the book even more.  The Perfect Beach Read! I listened to American War by Omar El Akkad. A second civil war set mainly in the South. Good read, thrilling story, set in the future. A tad Scary given our political climate now. I also listened to The Bright Edge of the World by Eowyn Ivey. Set in Alaska. Wonderful, you on their journey. Another book where I met the author is Ginny Moon by Benjamin Ludwig. Ginny is autistic and a foster child. I don't  think I have ever read a book like this.  Very thought provoking. You love the voice of Ginny! You are cheering her on throughout the whole book.  Benjamin, is a school teacher as well as a foster parent, so you feel Ginny's story is very authentic.  I had never read Colleen Oakley before and I will now read more of her books I enjoyed Close Enough to Touch  so much. It does come out in paperback August 15th 2017. A great beach read! My favorite mystery this year is Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz. A murder within a murder. So creatively put together. I knew Anthony as a children's author,  as we sell his Alex Rider series really well. But he obviously writes great adult novels. My  last summer  selection is Boardwalk Summer by local author Kimberly Fisk.  A perfect romantic  read! We do have an event with Kim,  Wednesday June 28th 6:30pm at The Loft here in Poulsbo. Join us.