Monday, February 20, 2017

Where do you like to read?

What places do you head to, to read books? Inside? Outside?  At home? Public places? Couch, chair, bed, hammock? I am sharing a few photos from my house of places where  I usually read during the day.  Of course, at night before going to sleep, I read in bed. No pictures sorry. Too messy, too many stacks of books on the floor! I don't usually read in public places. Of course on airplanes, so maybe I do.

My favorite couch at my house is in the living room, great light with a view of Liberty Bay. I do admit I pretty much lounge/slouch on this couch in the afternoon reading.   When not slouching, I sit in my comfy chair with an ottoman.  When cold outside, I read on the couch  in front of the bookshelves with a fire.
I do love reading outside in a chaise  or hammock, usually in the shade, always wearing some sort of hat.
What books I've read so far in February 2017, Celine by Peter Heller, released early March. It will be one of my favorite reads for 2017, I loved it that much. I also really enjoyed Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman. Great chronological rendition of the Norse Gods!  What I've been listening to this month on is Heartless by PNW author Marissa Meyer. If  you love audio books, we'd love you to listen with us. Use the coupon RANDOMACTS16 for 20% off. I'd love to hear where your  favorite places to read are!