Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Liquid Sunshine Reads
What we're reading while waiting for the sun to come out again!

Suzanne just read:
Yes, an older book but a favorite read of mine. Told first person by Quothe, a wizard/hero of his adventures/mis deeds. I enjoyed it so much it's hard to pick up another book. So looking forward to reading Wise Man's Fear (book 2).

Madison just read:
This is a great new series by Alyson Noel that is based around Native American folklore in the town of Enchantment, NM. People are disappearing and the environment is dying. Daire discovers her heritage and is fated to walk the path of a Seeker, a person who fights for the light to keep the dark at bay. Great, exciting reads with book three coming out later this spring!

Kathryn just read:
A chilling and remarkable story of survival. The main character, Grace Winter, is one of the few survivors when the ocean liner she and her new husband are traveling on explodes. She is faced with tough choices and is on trial for her life. A real page turner!

Emily just read:
This collection converted me from a novel only reader to a lover of the short story format. Some of the stories are only a few short pages long but pack as power a punch as a 300 page novel. Set primarily in and around the authors home town of Spokane, these stories are populated by losers, junkies and vagrants. Walter's down and out characters try, and often fail, to set things right and make sense of their broken lives and they will bring you along for the heartbreaking ride.