Monday, November 27, 2017

Mystery Books, I love them, Do you?

I so enjoy a good mystery! I've read a few great ones this year by BIG name authors, but also by authors unknown by me before this. Of course, I loved the new Jack Reacher, The Midnight Line- story line- meds being sold by?? (Book Candy! as long as I don't think of Tom Cruise as Reacher!!) The setting in Wyoming, which I love, and is also the setting for Paradise Valley by CJ Box, his Cassie Dewell detective series. Truckers and women.

The Dark Lake by Sarah Bailey had me guessing till
the end- detective Gemma Woodstock in her  Australian hometown solving a murder of a fellow HS graduate.  Another great mystery by an Australia author is The Dry by Jane Harper.  I have also read the advanced copy of her new book Force of Nature. You will really enjoy both of these mysteries which involve Federal Agent Aaron Falk!  Another new great mystery author to me is Gin Phillips and her book Fierce Kingdom. The setting- a visit to the zoo, by  a mother and child! Yes I was on the edge of my seat the whole book.
Check out our list of mystery book list off our web site. Enjoy! Remember you can listen to any of these awesome mystery novels on audio thru