Sunday, March 26, 2017

We LOVE Audio Books! Do you? Listen with us thru

All your booksellers at Liberty Bay Books listen to audio books. We listen to at least one book a week.  We have a new partnership with  the PNW company, who is partnering with all us Indie Bookstores.  I am totaling taking this next part from fellow Indie Bookstore McLean & Eakin, who described our partnership with and the benefits so well.
Listened to Any Good Books Lately?

We are so psyched to introduce you to the latest in book offerings from Liberty Bay Books!  We are obviously a staff of readers, but we are also huge audio book fans.  It's the not-so-secret way we get through so many books.  We listen on our way to work, while we walk the dog, while we do the laundry and the dishes, heck, we even listen before we go to bed!  We can't wait to show you how easy it is to listen on your phone/tablet/PC and still buy your books from us, your  independent bookstore! Free IOS and Android App!

  These are the three things that you really need to know to get started: audiobook purchases happen on their website, linked to us.
-The listening happens through the app on your phone, tablet, PC.
-A monthly membership option for $14.99 gets you one book per month.

We love it, and we hope you do too.   Here are a few audio books I listened to recently  and loved! Lincoln in the Bardo, (166 amazing voices) NYT best seller,  Awesome Middle Grade story- Castle in the Mist,  To the Bright Edge of the World -  Historical Fiction set mainly in Alaska,  Exit West- Indie Next Top Read for March- thought provoking Immigrant story, Six Wakes,-set on a Space Ship manned by clones, secrets SO many secrets. 
If you want to just try one audio book to try our this amazing app, signup here, go to the playlist- Great Books on Sale  and use  coupon RANDOMACTS16 for 20%  off. Happy listening.  Ask us questions any time. Enjoy Suzanne

Monday, February 20, 2017

Where do you like to read?

What places do you head to, to read books? Inside? Outside?  At home? Public places? Couch, chair, bed, hammock? I am sharing a few photos from my house of places where  I usually read during the day.  Of course, at night before going to sleep, I read in bed. No pictures sorry. Too messy, too many stacks of books on the floor! I don't usually read in public places. Of course on airplanes, so maybe I do.

My favorite couch at my house is in the living room, great light with a view of Liberty Bay. I do admit I pretty much lounge/slouch on this couch in the afternoon reading.   When not slouching, I sit in my comfy chair with an ottoman.  When cold outside, I read on the couch  in front of the bookshelves with a fire.
I do love reading outside in a chaise  or hammock, usually in the shade, always wearing some sort of hat.
What books I've read so far in February 2017, Celine by Peter Heller, released early March. It will be one of my favorite reads for 2017, I loved it that much. I also really enjoyed Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman. Great chronological rendition of the Norse Gods!  What I've been listening to this month on is Heartless by PNW author Marissa Meyer. If  you love audio books, we'd love you to listen with us. Use the coupon RANDOMACTS16 for 20% off. I'd love to hear where your  favorite places to read are!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Do you keep a list of the books you read/listen to each year?

At Liberty Bay Books, most of us booksellers keep a list at the front desk of what we are reading. I make a note next to mine if it's a young adult, fiction or non fiction title. I also make a note of , +++, VG, etc.  I usually read around 100 books a year give or take.  I enjoyed reading this  survey about our reading habits.  Do you  read more print books, audio books or eBooks? I'd love to hear.. Suzanne

 Do you keep a list of what you read? How many pages do you  give a book before giving up?  Librarian Nancy  Pearl,  I believe once said- same number of pages as your age, or maybe double that.  Do you finish a book no matter what? I always think it's my mood, I put the book  down and pick up a book in a different genre. Maybe ,I'll go back to the original book I put down at another time.

 Do you read multiple books at the same time?
I confess, I do. I try to have books in different genres going.. like right now, I am reading Duplicity by Ingrid Thoft.  She is a PNW author, but her Fina Ludlow mysteries are all  set in Boston. She will be at our Poulsbo store, January 24th 6:30pm. I have enjoyed all of her mysteries. Duplicity is number four.

 I am also reading
Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman.  Fabulous, of course! The cover alone is amazing! It goes on sale February 7th 2017.

 Last, but  not least, I just started The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden. Kate, our main bookseller in our Bremerton store (409 Pacific) just finished it and loved it. Similar to Uprooted by Naomi Novik, she says.

 What about audio books? I LOVE them. We have a new Indie Audio Book Partner, Signup and download the free app. My favorite audio is Seveneves by Neal Stephenson, a PNW author.  Check out the Great Books on Sale playlist. Use coupon code RANDOMACTS16 for 20% off. The price for the audio book right now is $5. Fabulous LOW price! Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Suzanne Selfors , a PNW author her book ideas for kids

For young readers, age 12+, I really enjoyed The Peculiars by Maureen Doyle McQuerry. This is an intriguing adventure novel about a girl with weirdly large hands and feet, who sets out to discover the secret behind her true identity. Great for readers who love fantasy and steampunk.

For readers 8-12, I loved When Life Gives You O.J. by Erica Perl. This funny and sweet story is about a girl who must prove to her family that she's ready to take care of a dog.

Suzanne's own books  are wonderful for the 8-12 year olds. Her page off our web site .

Monday, December 12, 2016

Children’s Booksellers Get ‘Fantastic’ Start to the 2016 Holiday Selling Season

 Madison was feature in the current issue of Publishers Weekly. The article went  as follows...At Liberty Bay Books in Poulsbo, Wash., it’s local first when it comes to many bestsellers. One of November’s big books was Craig Roman’s Urban Trails-Kitsap, a guide book for the family, which is published locally by Mountaineers. The store’s bestselling kids’ series, Imaginary Veterinary (Little, Brown), is written by Suzanne Selfors at the coffee shop next store. That’s not to say that Liberty Bay doesn’t do well with other titles. Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Brigitte Barrager’s  Uni he Unicorn ( Random House) is a personal favorite of children’s buyer Madison Duckworth, who has handsold many copies along with a matching plush toy from MerryMakers. Jan Brett’s Gingerbread Christmas (Putnam) “is selling like crazy, said Duckworth. Two years ago, when Brett visited the store, it sold more than 300 copies of The Animals’ Santa. The new book is prominently displayed in the front of the store, and Duckworth hopes to equal that number.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

We love listening to audio books! Do you? If so you can Listen Locally with us thru Open a FREE account and start listening using the discount code LBB20, or on this audio bestseller list, use coupon code TOP2016.  Any questions just ask us!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

WOW! How time flies! Yes  I did read many great books  and  I traveled a bit but obviously  NO blog posts. I've reached out to local authors to help us with a few blog posts this Holiday Season.
 First up is local author Megan Chance, who writes young adult novels but mainly historical fiction. We are having a book launch for her January 3rd for her new novel Drop of Ink.   
 Plan to join us at 6:30pm in our Poulsbo store , 18881  Front St.  Poulsbo.  Here are Megan's favorites for the year... Enjoy and Happy Reading. As always we appreciate you shopping small with us, your Indie Bookstore
 Number one on my list for this year is A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. The book begins during the Bolshevik Revolution, when Count Alexander Rostov is sentenced to house arrest in the hotel Metropol, and tells the story of his life there for the next forty years. In a hotel. Unable to step foot outside. If this sounds boring, let me assure you that, in Towle’s more than capable hands, it is not. I loved this book—it’s a beautifully written, romantic meditation #bookson the resilience of the human spirit, set against a backdrop of Russian history.
Next up—Queen of the Night, by Alexander Chee, which has just come out in paperback. Chee’s story about an opera singer is as melodramatic and full of adventure as opera itself. It’s a fun and exciting tale, and Chee’s exuberance is catching. 
My favorite YA read this year is the conclusion of The Winner’s Trilogy, The Winner’s Kiss, by Marie Rutkoski. I have loved every book in this sometimes dark and always compelling trilogy. Even though it’s a fantasy, Rutkoski’s depiction of the emotional and moral costs of war feels true and heartbreaking, and combined as it is with romance and intrigue, it is irresistible.
The first book in Marie's trilogy is Winner's Curse,  the second book is Winner's Crime.