Friday, January 22, 2010

Cool New One!

I've had the hardest time picking out things to write about
lately -- I suppose it's just the time of year, what with the Haitian
catastrophe, the storms beating at California, genital-hating underwear bombers,(the Dems loss in Massachusetts), Leno vs. Conan, rumors about an unpcoming John Cena movie with none other than Danny's all just...just so much for a person, right?

Ah gee.

until something great strikes, here's the news: a great new book by the
handsomest Italian kid this side of the Jersey Shore (see above).

The Solitude of Prime Numbers by Paolo Giordano (Viking, 25.95. US: March
13, 2010) -- The story of two vulnerable, perennially damaged souls who approach intimacy but cannot find a common denominator, The Solitude of Prime Numbers is a great new book which plays out that timeless question: what is it that makes us so lonely ? and furthermore, what can be done to bridge that loneliness? Sad as a raindrop, smart as a whip, and concise as "I Love You," Giordano's book is a wonderful and welcome rumination upon the subject. Already a bestseller around the world (millions sold!), it's sure to be a hit when it hops across the pond -- even in this crazy country where telling someone you're "not great" today is more taboo than browsing pornography in public. Perhaps it has some lessons to teach. Perhaps a lot. But I don't know. Read it, love it and find out!


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